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Concert, Lighting & Mobile Stage Cross Rentals

For fifty+ years, Reflections Productions. has provided concert equipment rental contracts from the City of Miami across the United States. Reflections supplies all back-line equipment,
Apex mobile stages, JBL VTX, VRX and A12 series also a wide variety of Martin and Chauvet lighting. Do you need Festival power? We have a variety of generators on stock and ready for either pick up or delivery.

Reflections Productions has provided audio equipment rentals for large and small concerts in threw out the United States, but locally stationed in Miami Florida. Also we have recently grown our staging and lighting inventory with a focus on concert cross rentals.

Large or small venues, large or small clubs and bars can benefit, from using reflections productions for your next event. Please fill out the form below to inquire about cross rental pricing and availability.



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Cross rental plays a vital role in the concert production industry by facilitating collaboration, resource sharing, and efficient utilization of equipment to deliver high-quality events and performances.

  1. Equipment Sharing: Production companies may have specific equipment or gear that another company needs for a particular event. Instead of purchasing the equipment outright, the company in need of the equipment can rent it from the other company through a cross rental agreement. This arrangement allows both parties to utilize their resources efficiently and meet the requirements of the event.
  2. Specialized Equipment: Cross rental is often used for accessing specialized or high-end equipment that may not be readily available in-house. For example, a production company may need a large-format line array speaker system for a concert but may not have such equipment in its inventory. In this case, they can cross rent the speaker system from another company that specializes in audio equipment.
  3. Regional Collaboration: Cross rental also enables collaboration between production companies operating in different regions. For instance, a concert production company based in one city may have a client hosting an event in another city where they don’t have a presence. In such cases, they can cross rent equipment from a local production company in the event’s city, reducing logistical challenges and costs associated with transporting equipment over long distances.
  4. Flexibility and Cost Efficiency: Cross rental offers flexibility to production companies by allowing them to expand their inventory temporarily for specific projects without making a long-term investment in equipment. It can also be a cost-effective solution, as companies can rent equipment only when needed instead of purchasing and maintaining it year-round.
  5. Logistics and Support: In cross rental agreements, logistics such as transportation, setup, and technical support are typically coordinated between the renting and renting-out parties to ensure smooth execution of the event. Clear communication and planning are essential to ensure that the equipment meets the required specifications and deadlines.

Collaboration or arrangement between production companies or rental houses to share equipment or resources for a specific event or project. It allows companies to access specialized equipment or fulfill larger-scale production needs without having to purchase or own the equipment themselves.