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It is crucial in the entertainment industry, where technology advancements can significantly enhance the visual experience for concertgoers. With the rapid pace of technological evolution, staying current with the latest lighting equipment ensures that Reflections Productions can provide cutting-edge solutions for clients and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

  1. LED Technology: LED lighting fixtures have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their energy efficiency, versatility, and ability to produce a wide range of colors. Our inventory with LED fixtures can offer various creative possibilities while reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.
  2. Moving Lights: Moving lights, including spotlights, wash lights, and beam fixtures, are essential for creating dynamic and immersive lighting designs. Look for fixtures with advanced features such as high-speed pan and tilt movements, customizable gobos, and variable beam angles to add excitement to lighting setups.
  3. Wireless Control Systems: Wireless DMX control systems allow for flexible lighting control without the need for extensive cabling, enabling quick setup and streamlined operation. Investing in wireless control systems can enhance efficiency and convenience during live productions.
  4. Special Effects Lighting: Incorporating special effects lighting elements such as strobes, lasers, fog machines, and pyrotechnics can add dramatic flair to concert performances.Reflections Productions I inventory with advanced special effects equipment can help you create memorable visual experiences for audiences.
  5. Lighting Consoles: Upgrading to the latest lighting consoles with intuitive user interfaces, advanced programming capabilities, and seamless integration with lighting fixtures can optimize workflow and enhance creativity during live shows.
  6. Environmental Considerations: Consider the environmental impact of lighting inventory updates by choosing energy-efficient fixtures and implementing sustainable practices, such as recycling old equipment and minimizing waste.

By continually updating our inventory of concert lighting to incorporate the latest technological advancements, you can deliver exceptional lighting experiences that elevate live performances and exceed the expectations of our clients and audiences.

  Armed with an Industry Leading Intelligent Lighting Inventory, we are able to handle a wide variety of venue applications from Live Concerts, Festivals, Theater, Sporting Events, Corporate Events, Television & Film Production.
We stock a multitude of Lighting Control Consoles, Trussing, Lighting Stands, Lifts and Motors. We also have Generators and Electrical Distribution Systems.
Our Networking Technology also allows us to synchronize our lighting systems with our Absen X5 Video wall for a Phenomenal Visual Experience that your audience will behold with wide eyed amazement and wonder.

RPI. Concert Lighting Rental Inventory Includes: Elation Proton 3k, Elation Fuse 3502, Robe1200 Wash, Robe Point, Chauvet Nexus 4×4, Chauvet Ovation 910C, Chauvet Ovation 190, WW Industrial dimmer packs by Leprechaun, GrandMA2, Chamsys, Martin M1 and HOG Lighting Consoles.

RPI. Video LED Wall Rental Includes: 204 Panels of ABSEN X5 with Nova Star Pro HD Processor.
  We also stock 36 panels of Martin EC20 with a T3 100 Processor.

RPI. Truss and Rigging Rental Inventory Includes: 20″Box Truss, 12″ Box Truss, Corner Blocks, Genie ST24 lifts, CM Motors, Spansets and Shackles, Round base Light stands, Crank Up Stands and much much more.

RPI. Generator Rental Inventory : Includes: MQ Power DCA-125 USSI, DCA-45 SSI, DCA-25 USSI and DCA 25 SSI. Honda EM -5000 SX, EB-5000,EV-2000 and Power-Mate 3500.

Electric Distribution System 24 x 2.4k Digital 600 amp rental day rate
50 amp Cables, Feeder w/cam locks, single and 3 phase distros rental day rates
Soco rental day rates

24 channel/ 2 scene DMX controllers – rental day rate (limit 6)
Martin Light jockey USB w Sony Laptop-rental day rate (limit 5)
Martin MPC USB w Laptop-rental day rate (limit 5)
Flying Pig HOG 1000 Lighting Board rental day rate
GrandMA Light Lighting Board rental day rate
Martin M-1 Lighting Board rental day rate

LED-IP Par 64 RGB 54x3w rental day rate
LED-IP Par 64 RGBWA 54x3w rental day rate
LED-IP Stagebar RGBWA 70x3w rental day rate
LED-IP Chauvet Range RGBWA 190x5w rental day rate

Elation Fuse 3502 rental day rate

Robo Scans by Martin 4×1014 Package with controller rental day rate
Robo Scans by Martin 6×218 Package w Light Jockey rental day rate
Robo Scans by Martin 2xPAL 1220 CYMK w Light Jockey rental day rate

Mac Washes 8x 250 w Light Jockey rental day rate
Mac Spot 2x 250 w Light Jockey rental day rate
Mac Spot 8x 575 w Light Jockey rental day rate

4k Digital Skytrackers (dmx) rental day rate

Six Sticks 8 x 6 x par 64 w 600 Dys rental day rate

CYRO JETS, DMX Control, 28′ Plume rental day rate (plus CO2, limit 3)

Dual Confetti Cannons, 75′ Plume rental day rate (plus Confetti, limit 2)

Confetti Blower rental day rate (plus confetti)

Wireless DMX transmitter/receiver rental day rate  Pair (limit 8)

Fog Machine- Martin Magnum rental day rate (plus Juice)

Fog Machine- Lightwave F-100- rental day rate (plus juice, limit 2)

Hazzer Machine- La Maitre- rental day rate (plus juice, limit 2)

Snow Machine rental day rate (plus juice)

Bubble Machine rental day rate (plus juice)

Single 3200 lumen Video w .08 Projector-rental day rate
9’x 12’w Fastfold Projection Screen-rental day rate

Dual Video Projection Screens rental day rate
Single 5500 lumen Christie Projector rental day rate

12’x 10′ Black Velour Pipe & Drape rental, day rate
(70′ max)

14′ Tall by 16′-20′ Wide Black Velour Screen Framing rental day rate
Two 14’t by 16′-20’w Black Velour Screen Frames rental day rate

Call for quotes  & custom package pricing.
May require Security Deposits & Delivery Fee.

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