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Event Production Labor Crews

Miami Fl Concert Labor.
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Email: info@reflectionsproductions.com

Master Rigging Technician – $75.00 per hour
Master Systems Engineer- $75.00 per hour
Master Event Producer -$75.00 per hour
A1 Master Sound Technician -$65.00 per hour
A2 Sound Technician – $45.00 per hour
 LD1 Master Lighting Technician  $65.00 per hour
LD2 Lighting Technician  $45.00 per hour
 LD3 Follow Spot Operator $38.00 per hour
AV1 Master AV Technician $65.00 per hour
AV2 AV Technician $45.00 Per hour
TD Technical Director $75.00 per hour
V1 Master Video Projectionist $75.00 per hour
V2 Video Projectionist $45.00 per hour
Cam-1 Master Camera Operator $75.00 per hour
Cam 2 Camera Operator $55.00 per hour
Stage Hands $38.00 per hour
Non CDL Delivery Driver $40.00 per hour
CDL Delivery Driver $150.00 hour
TRUCKING T.B.D. Based upon distances and load sizes.

Each call is for a minimum of four hours. Calls over 8 hours require either a
30 minute paid break off site or hot meal provided on job site.
Any calls over 8 hrs require time & a half and 2- 1/2 hour lunch breaks
off site or hot meal provided on job site
All clients required to provide water for all techs.

RV  Motor Home Rental day rate
FOH Trailer Rental day rate
Bill Jax Ring Scaff rental day rate
Mojo Barricade rental day rate
Cable Ramp rental day rate

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Miami Event Production Crews

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