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APEX 4240

APEX 4240

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The APEX 4240 has been fitted with the technology to make it the fastest, strongest and safest mobile stage in the industry. Set up time is virtually nothing compared to a conventional stage.  A couple stage hands can have the stage totally assembled in 2-3 hours.

The APEX 4240 is the second largest mobile stage in our fleet.
Team This Stage Up with our JBL VTX25 II Line Array, Yamaha Production Consoles, Our Incredible Absen LED Wall, along with our Extraordinary Intelligent Lighting Inventory and  an Unbelievably Talented Staff of Audio, Lighting, Video, Staging and Rigging Engineers and BOOM! You Have One Serious Concert Rig!

We also Stock our own Generators, Mojo Barricade, Cable Ramps, Bill Jax Scaffolding, Truss and even FOH Trailers.

This is a World Class Touring Concert Rig and we can  have it ready to go at
A Moments Notice.

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APEX 4240
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  1. Portable Stages: Portable stages are versatile platforms used for various events, including concerts, presentations, and performances. They are designed to be easily transported, assembled, and disassembled, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  2. Modular Stages: Modular stages consist of interchangeable components that allow for customization of size, shape, and configuration to meet specific event requirements. They offer flexibility and scalability for different types of performances.
  3. Features: Stages may include features such as adjustable height legs, durable decking materials (such as plywood or aluminum), integrated rigging points for lighting and sound equipment, and options for skirting or railing.