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APEX 5040

APEX 5040

Reflections Productions


The APEX 5040 is the Largest Stage In Our Fleet. The 5040 has been fitted with the technology to make it The Fastest, Strongest and Safest mobile stage in the industry. 
Set up time is virtually nothing compared to conventional staging.

The Stage consists of four distinct hydraulic systems that are designed for deployment of the stage from the travel condition to the fully deployed stage and back to the travel condition.

Stage Specifications:
Travel height  13′ 3′′
Overall width 102′′
Total trailer weight 55,165 lbs
Distance to front trailer axle from kingpin  29′ 11′′
Distance to rear trailer axle from front trailer axle  10′ 1′′ 
Hydraulic pump engine 20 HP
Hydraulic pump capacity 3.0 GPM
Hydraulic pump max pressure, continuous  4,000 psi
Hydraulic pump max pressure, intermitent  4,400 psi
Hydraulic oil reservoir capacity 40 gallon
Hydraulic fluid Hydra 1000 R&OA/A.W., ISO #32
Deployed stage length and width 50′ X 38′
Deployed roof length and width  53′ X 38′
Maximum deployed stage height 80′′
Maximum outrigger extension 27′′
Outrigger spread 20′
Maximum height from stage floor to bottom of center truss  35′ 4′′
Intermediate height from stage floor to bottom of center truss 25′ 4″
Total number of adjustable floor leveling speed jacks 40
An out and down outrigger system provides for the stability of the deployed stage, the tower system provides for raising and lower the roof, the roof tilt system is used to move the primary roof from vertical to horizontal and to deploy the secondary roof; and the floor system is used to take the folded floor from vertical to the horizontal position.

       Team This Stage Up with our 48 box JBL VTX 25 II Line Array, Our Incredible Absen X5 LED Wall and our Extraordinary Intelligent Lighting Inventory and you have a Very Serious Concert Rig for an audience of 20K plus.
We also Stock our own Generators, Mojo Barricade, Cable Ramps, Bil Jax Event Scaffolding and an Unbelievably Talented Staff of Audio, Lighting, Video, Staging and Rigging Engineers.

This is a World Class Touring Rig and we can  have it ready to go at a Moments Notice.

Miami Large Concert Production
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Apex 5040

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