From Streaming to FULL HD Broadcasting…
We have the newest in High Definition 1080i equipment!

TRICASTER 860 Video w Audio Switching System $1285.00
includes virtual set editor, two video monitors and SDI Audio Amp

STREAMBOX Avnir Mini2 Transmitter $785.00
Splits, Encodes & transmits HD Programming over bonded cellular
*(price does not include internet connection or archival)

STREAMBOX Decoder $265.00
Decodes, combines HD Programming from bonded cellular
*(price does not include internet connection or archival)

ROLAND 1600HD Switcher $625.00
w 4 LCD Control Monitors

Black Magic Ultra Studio Express $145.00
encoder for HD video for Streaming

New LIVESTREAM video hosting & storage ( MP)
Web embed & full FTP site available
Atomos SAMARI Digital HD/SDI feild recorder $195.00
*(price does not include storage)

BLACK MAGIC STUDIO 4K ULTRAHD/SDI Camera w Schrater Tripod $485.00
*(1 available)

VADDIO HD-22 robotic HD/SDI cameras $345.00
*( does not include mount, 2 available)

JVC HM650 HD/SDI Camera w Schrater Tripod $350.00
*(2 available)

SONY Z-7 HD/hdmi camera w Manfroto tripod & SDI/HDMI Converter $325.00
*(does not include sd cards or tape for media, 2 available)

Stationary mount MARSHALL HD/SDI camera w mount & power supply $95.00
*(3 available)

Motion Glide Jib w Monitor $640.00

42″ lcd monitor on tripod stands $325.00
*(4 available)
*8 available

6 0″ LED Monitor on upright freestanding truss $475.00
*(4 available)

Black Magic SDI Converters $55.00
SDI to HDMI, HDMI to SDI, SDI Distribution Amp, SDI to Analog Audio

25′ to 250′ rolls of SDI Cable ( MP))

Sound Stage with 12′ Green Screen w Tri-Pods Rental $24.00 per hr.


16′ Tall by 10′ wide Black Velour Drape $120.00
12′ Tall by 10′ wide Black Velour Drape $100.00
8′ Tall by 10′ wide Black Velour Drape $90.00

Scissor Lift (up to 20′) $375.00

Triple Stage rough terrain Propane Forklift w Cage $425.00

Writers, Directors, Producers, Camera Operators, Video Graphic Designers,
Key grips & Technicians Available


23750, Pine Island Rd,
Princeton, FL 33032
786-504-2369 / 786-255-4949


Be creative and give your vents the life no other events has ever had, when joining forces with the creative source which is Reflections Productions. 


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