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RPI. Reflections Productions Inc. is deeply committed to delivering top-tier audiovisual experiences for a wide range of events. Your focus on innovative sound reinforcement systems, engineered staging, and creative visual and lighting design sets you apart in the event production industry. The emphasis on collaboration with clients to meet the exact needs of artists and events, combined with a highly experienced technical crew, ensures that every event is not just an auditory and visual spectacle but also safe and meticulously planned. Your dedication to quality and detail clearly positions Reflections Productions Inc. as a go-to partner for industry professionals looking to create unforgettable experiences for their audiences.
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RPI. Event Production Services: Including Mobile Staging, Concert Sound Systems, Stage Lighting, Video Production, Large LED Screen Rentals, Back Line Rentals, Generator Rentals, Bil Jax- Ring Scaffold Systems.
Our Sound systems include JBL VTX 25 II Line Array Systems, JBL VTX S28 and G28 Subs. We now also stock 24 boxes of the New Next Generation JBL VTX A12 Line Array Loudspeaker System. All powered by Crown V-Rack Amplification Systems. Pair these systems along with our full array of Yamaha Production Mixing Consoles Including CL5’s, QL5, M7CL-48, LS9-32, and TR Series.

RPI. Lighting Rental Inventory Includes: Elation Proton 3k, Elation Fuse 3502, Robe1200 Wash, Robe Point, Chauvet Nexus 4×4,Chauvet Ovation 910C, Chauvet Ovation 190, WWIndustrial dimmer packs by Leprechaun, Grand MA2, Chamsys, Martin M1 as well as HOG Lighting Consoles.

RPI. Video LED Walls Include: 204 Panels of ABSEN X5 with Nova Star Pro HD Processor.
We also stock 36 panels of Martin EC20 with a T3 100 Processor.

RPI. Generator Inventory Includes: MQ Power DCA-125 USSI, DCA-45 SSI, DCA-25 USSI and DCA 25 SSI. Honda EM -5000 SX, EB-5000, EV-2000 and Power-Mate 3500.

RPI. Back Line : Inventory Includes: Yamaha Drums, GK Bass Rigs, Fender Twins, Yamaha, Korg and Roland Keyboards.

RPI. Staging: We offer a full line of mobile Hydraulic stages from APEX Featuring: 2- 2416, 2- 2420, 2-3224, 1-4240 and a 5040. We can even provide graphic art and sets and complete the logistics all the way down to photo id badges and security gates.

RPI. Technicians: Are top notch Seasoned professionals with many many years experience in the industry.
Our techs love what they do and will go the extra mile for your event every time. For venues from 200 to 60,000, we provide a complete line of event professional services.

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